Open Letter to Netflix

Dear Netflix,
We respect the fact you're reviving "Arrested Development" for the service, but the reality is not every one of your subscribers are fans of the show

Most of us find the show boring, unfunny and not to mention that the characters are downright unlikeable

but, That show isn't what this open letter's all about
We want you to listen to us (Your subscribers) and not to the hit parade

The following is what needs to be to satisfy us (your subscribers in the USA)

1. Content That Needs To Come Back To Streaming
The Avengers (the british spy-fi show)
All Nickelodeon/MTV Networks Shows (Pick up "Peter Rabbit" in advance if you do)
Cosgrove-Hall's "The Wind in the Willows"
The Castle of Cagliostro
Excel Saga
The American International/MGM/Orion/UA library of films
A Liar's Autobiography: The Untrue Story of Monty Python's Graham Chapman
Pufnstuf (the film)

2. Content That We Want You To Bring To Streaming
Rupert (Nelvana, 1991-1997)
Max & Ruby (Nelvana owns the show, Not MTV Networks)
Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball GT (and it's films)
Lupin the 3rd (Parts 1 & 2, and it's films)
Sherlock Hound
Hetalia The Movie: Paint It White
Hetalia: World Series
Hetalia: The Beautiful World
Gregory Horror Show
Nerima Daikon Brothers
The Wombles (both the original and the '90s revival)
The Dreamstone
Bimble's Bicket
both versions of "The Basil Brush Show"
Wombling Free
Dougal and The Blue Cat
The Magic Roundabout (The original series)
The Original Paddington Bear series
Timothy Goes To School
Samurai Pizza Cats
Batman (The Adam West series)
The Monkees
CSI: New York
The Amazing World of Gumball
Whatever Happened To Robot Jones?
every incarnation of "Mobile Suit Gundam" (including Gundam Wing)

If you want more subscribers, Give us what we want - that's all we ask

Jimmy McKee

Operation Rainfall -or- why you must fear for their efforts

This editorial is a quasi-dedication to the folks at Operation Rainfall
I apologize if i act like a Pessimist but this is mostly in terms of fact

#1: Like Starmen, We're mostly Pissants to the Big N
If you exclude the successful campaign to bring the point-and-click Sam & Max series (most of it) to the Wii, fan made campaigns or petitions hardly work
Here's an example: There are fans of Terrytoons and classic toons like Betty Boop, do you think Viacom and Lionsgate cares? the answer is No!
Even if the animation buffs even tried to do something about it they will mostly ignore us
I support Operation Rainfall as i too am sick of NOA's rediculous localization policies
at an E3 a decade ago (i forgot the year, so sue me), Nintendo promised a US release of Kururin Paradise for the Game Boy Advance and Nintendo Puzzle Collection for the Gamecube.. both my brother and i are looking forward to those titles but months and a few years later, No word on the US release of either titles.. at all
another instance, on the same E3 where they confirmed Elite Beat Agents (Nintendo and iNiS's westernization of the Ouendan series) there was a game known as DSAir (now known as "Jet Impulse").. like Kururin Paradise and Nintendo Puzzle Collection, the game never saw a release here in the US

#2: We about to be like the Starmen
The Starmen was a group of proud Mother/Earthbound fans that want their Mother/EB fix here in the US, Every effort they did to get that fix from NOA mostly failed from a campaign to release a GBC port of the original Mother/EB Zero game to the infamous Mother 3 petition.. every effort is mostly brushed off by NOA and resorted to mostly fan-based translations of not only Mother 3 but the non-favorable Mother 1+2 compilation
If the miniscule reply to Operation Rainfall from Nintendo is any indication, We might go down that road unless they step up their efforts to a serious level.

bonus: Boycott isn't gonna cut it
Boycotts can go either way but we're in a bad economy thanks to our current admin. and by boycotting the Wii U or any potential product from Nintendo just to get games that only the hardcore gamers will buy will potentially make Nintendo broke (and that's possibility and probably might or might not happen, who knows)

again, I apologize for the Pessimistic opinion but that's how i feel even though i support Operation Rainfall in hopes of it's success, members of OpRainfall are free to rebuttal in any form of medium but please be civil!

Nick fails to impress

When i learned about the 26 new episodes of "Max & Ruby" that are on the way, I was enthused
but even though both Nelvana and Nick confirm they are coming, We got no solid premiere date
Nick seemed not to care as they care about their mediocre rubbish like iCarly and the upcoming Fairly OddParents live-action film to celebrate the show's 10 years starring Drake Bell, yes Drake Bell
Here's his performance on New Year's Eve to refresh your memory of how much he sucks

I have severe doubts about the Kung-Fu Panda series would be good
and i doubt they will recover their former glory unlike CN did with shows like Regular Show, Mad, The Amazing World of Gumball and The Looney Tunes Show

Then again, Can Nickelodeon or anyone PLEASE pick up "Scaredy Squirrel"
It's sad enough that Cartoon Network picked up "Almost Naked Animals" an unfunny eyesore that successfully bombed in the ratings in Canada

Here's a trailer of Nelvana's "Scaredy Squirrel"

Gregory Horror Show for 3DS Campaign

For those who don't know, I am mostly a fan of Gregory Horror Show
I have all 3 out-of-print DVDs of the show and a soft vinyl Gregory toy to prove it

It's a shame that Otakus and Weeaboos have thrown this CG anime under the bus in favor anime of the following calibur
- Shonen
- Giant Robots
- Anime featuring girls with big tits
- Anything from Shonen Jump
- Anything that will scream big bucks in terms of
merchandising (i.e. Pokemon, Beyblade, Digimon, Bakugan and Yu-Gi-Oh!)

The United States gets these kinds of anime every time due to this kind of taste
True, We do get those outside of it like this, Nerima Daikon Bros., Shin Chan, Sgt. Frog, PANDA-Z and the Di.Gi Charat series but those are most often get overshadowed by the likes of Gundam, Dragon Ball/Z/GT, Naruto and One Piece (to name a few)

Gregory Horror Show is a unique anime that never got a chance here in the US
We got the Soft Vinyl Toys which consist of Gregory, Gregory's grandson James and Catherine (Why anyone want that creepy pink lizard of a nurse is beyond me) and a card game/board game hybrid from Upper Deck which has booster pack which is mostly tiny figurines for the game itself
but unfortunately, due to the fact that anime like Naruto, Gundam and Dragon Ball Z overshadowed the anime to the point of being obscure.. the items related to the show including the DVDs hardly see a profit

To this day, Gregory Horror Show has a favorable cult following on sites like Pixiv and deviantART with fans showcasing their love for the show via fanfics or fanart

also to this day, The most expensive of all of "Gregory Horror Show" memorabilia is the video game "Gregory Horror Show: Soul Collector" for the PlayStation 2. The game (like Vib-Ribbon before it) was mostly released in Japan and Europe and not released in the United States for obvious reasons thanks to the Otakus.

That could change though with the help of the fans of "Gregory Horror Show"
1. Spread The Word
2. Join Capcom-Unity (the easiest way to do so is by using your Facebook account)
3. Flood the Capcom-Unity suggestion box to the point of the server crashing demanding Capcom to remake "Gregory Horror Show: Soul Collector" for the Nintendo 3DS
4. (for #3) Make sure your Suggestion Posts are clean and no militious behavior like bad language or threats

I know this sounds like the fanbase would be 'jumping the shark' perse
but for the love of god, The show or better yet the "Gregory Horror Show" license needs redemption and this would do the trick!

3DS U.S. Launch Lineup Overreaction

Gamers today are pathetic

From their reaction to the Sonic 4 trailer (which contained a small amount of gameplay) to THIS!

Their gripes are as follows

- No DoA at Launch? How can i masturbate while i play now? (Their reaction, not mine - as i'm not keen on Dead or Alive)

- No Ocarina of time 3D or Star Fox 64 3D

- No Kid Icarus: Uprising


I want gamers to look back at the DS launch for a minute or…hell.. a bit more so

compared to then.. the 3DS launch lineup looks more promising, why? let me explain

While there is Feel The Magic XY/XX, Super Mario 64 DS and Madden NFL 05

We got a DS port of Ridge Racer 64 (a bad port of a good PSOne game) [Ridge Racer DS]

A game that lost 3% of it's content due to rushed localization for the sake of making it at launch [Mr. Driller Drill Spirits] (note: the 3% of which was unfortunately omitted in the US version were: Usagi/Rabbit (unlockable character), Endless Moon level (unlockable level) and Single Card Multi-Player)

Not to mention games of either shovelware or mediocre purportions, namely: Ping Pals, The Urbz: Sims in the City, Spider-Man 2, Asphault: Urban GT, Sprung and Tiger Woods PGA Tour


with this in mind, the 3DS launch lineup is more promising as Ridge Racer 3D is done by Namco, Asphult's DS games improved in quality since Urban GT, We got Pilotwings Resort and Steel Diver before any other country does and most of the lineup has promise

even though the only game to avoid purchase is Madden NFL Football due to it has no multiplayer…AT ALL!


from my defense, It's clear that gamers have overreacted to the launch lineup w/o any retrospect of the DS launch lineup!

Warner Archive Wish List

Warner Bros.'s Warner Archive line is getting awesome by the second
I already have the Warner Archive release of my childhood fave film "The Phantom Tollbooth" and they are stating that Herman Hermits movies like "Hold On!" is around the corner this year

If the Warner Archive people are reading this, here's a wish list of what i want to see released on the Warner Archive collection sometime this year or so on

1. The Cattanooga Cats: The Complete Series - A cult classic 1969 cartoon series that's stranded on Boomerang for occassional reruns, It would be sweet if we have the complete series of The Cattanooga Cats (that includes all the episodes of "Around The World in 79 Days", "It's The Wolf!" and "Motormouse and Auto Cat") plus if they do bring the complete series to DVD, Please keep the musical segments in and oh oh... please remaster all the bumpers

2. Rock Odyssey - A lost treasure of the Hanna Barbera library, A film which was originally intended to be a TV film for ABC television but was turned down due to the content it contains.

3. Twice Upon A Time - Though you (Warner Archive staff) state that it is on your list of remastered films, I hope you bring forth the film with all the bells and whistles that John Korty (the creator of the film) despised and that was once shown once on HBO before Korty threaten to sue them, note just because the creator despised it doesn't mean you should give us the Korty cut of the film we saw since the film's VHS release, give us the film uncut and uncensored... dig?

4. Alice in Wonderland (or "What's A Nice Kid Like You Doing In A Place Like This?") - A neat piece of eye candy from 1966, It's a shame that this TV film doesn't have much exposure than it should have, It would be nice if Warner Archives releases this on DVD.. OH! and please include the H-B animated Rexall ads that were part of the TV film's original airing on ABC (March 30, 1966)

5. Capitol Critters: The Complete Series - A cult favorite H-B prime time cartoon that was shot down due to lousy scheduling by ABC's part, The cartoon deserves a 2nd chance in the public eye

6. Road Rovers: The Complete Series - This cartoon is cult classic from the late '90s, shot down due to bad timeslot and the advent of the FCC's TV E/I regulation... please release it!

7. The Wonderful World of Brothers Grimm - A buried treasure of a George Pal film, charming though a bit dark... please remaster and release!


2010 was ok
Here it is in a nutshell

Shows i watched in 2010
Angelina Ballerina: The Next Steps
Martha Speaks (circa October 2010)
Max and Ruby (circa December 2010)
Timmy Time (circa November 2010)
America's Got Talent
Hell's Kitchen
Regular Show
Minute To Win It
Wife Swap
The Busy World of Richard Scarry (MyNetworkTV syndicated reruns)

Movies i saw in 2010
Alice In Wonderland (Not the Wonderland i remember, but it was exciting)
How To Train Your Dragon (Fun film in 3D)
Toy Story 3 (Great closure of a great series)
Despicable Me (A fun film, pity i didn't see it in 3D)
Scott Pilgrim vs. The World (Awesome film, too bad it was beaten by Marky Mark and Will Farrel)
Alpha and Omega (Good film but not so bad a story)
TRON: Legacy (Beats Scott Pilgrim for Best Film in 2010 in my book)

Beresford's Dead and Why Should America Care?


As you may or may not know, on December 24th at 10pm.. Wombles creator Elisabeth Beresford died of heart failure. It is indeed a sad loss but the sad state of affairs is that her creation has been mysterious blacklisted here in the United States after their shortlived time here in 1974 leaving us with only obscure VHS releases from the RCA/Columbia line, and 1 LP with a couple of 45 rpm singles from the Columbia label.. all of which are now out of print yet oftenly easy to acquire on eBay. Now your gonna ask, "Why should we care?" well, the blacklisting here in the US is partly our fault which is in the sad and similar vain with the now 30 yr. old cult animated canadian import "The Raccoons", 1. We never paid attention to them and 2. we rediculed and judged them harshly and quickly without even giving them a time of day or even reconsidering a rewatch for a change of heart, while the rest of the blame for the Wombles' blacklisting goes to Cookie Jar (which hold the rights to The Wombles cartoons from both FilmFair and CiNAR) and Sony (which currently owns The Wombles music library).

Now your next question is "What am i gonna do about it"?
In regaurds of the cartoon: Even though The CiNAR version of The Wombles is currently available on Cookie Jar owned site "Jaroo", It would be sweet if we the people flood their mailbox and their inbox demanding that they bring The Wombles to america at once on iTunes, Netflix Instant Stream and even on DVD but you can even go to Shout! Factory's forums (join it first) and flood the forums demanding both versions of The Wombles to be released on DVD

In regaurds of the music: Mike Batt is a very underappreciated musician/songwrtier here in the United States but we can make up for that by demanding the rereleases of the Wombles records (which are due for release in the UK this year) to be brought here in the US, again.. flood the Shout! Factory forums demanding that the Wombles album released here in the United States under the Shout! Factory label

and No!, i'm not asking for anyone to grab a knife and stab Jann Wenner to death even though he's also to blame for the blacklisting on regaurds of his magazine (Rolling Stone)'s harsh review of the US altered release of "Remember You're a Womble" in 1974

All i'm asking is let's end the blacklisting of the poor lovable critters by making The Wombles more accessable and more recognized here in the United States and make Miss Beresford happy when she goes to heaven

A Breif One (While He's Away)

Yesterday marked the 30th anniversary of "The Raccoons" (aka The Rodney Dangerfield of Canadian Imports), I use to dislike the cartoon when i was a kid but now i don't since i love Bert Raccoon for what he is now than what i feel about him then

here's a picture i took for that occassion

cute isn't he? ;3

Christmas is coming
I already made my list and my pal from Winner and I are doing our delayed countdown as planned and he assured me that it will happen
I hope that there will also be a 2010 TVP Christmas Special as well

to close this here's a lovely yuletide tune from Neil Innes


Jack-o-lantern, retired.

October is here but it used to be great due to Halloween
However, The fun is dwindelling year after year here in Summerville as Trick or Treating has becoming really slow.
My family's fist Haloween here in this town was full of kids going trick or treating however as a decade or two passes.. the amount of trick or treaters in this town dwindled,more specifically in my neighborhood (Quail Arbor)

I'm not sure if we are gonna put up the Halloween deor this year due to Halloween has became the town's lost holiday
I am mostly looking forward to Tukey Day (Thanksgiving) and Christmas
as 1. I am curently wrinting an article for ScrewAttack Magazine, a G1-driven online magazine for their December issue and 2. People in this town actually cares about these holidays

anyway, for the past few months my family got Netflix Instant Stream for the PS3 and Wii
Me and My family are kinda havung a blast
My mom was revisitng Dark Shadows, I discover and enjoy stuff like Shinbone Alley, The Avengers (the show not the bastardization film adaptation) and Hello Kitty's Furry Tale Theater while Dad watched nothin but cop shows...mostly Kojak but often times Dragnet (a cop show i enjoyed in my childhood) and Adam-12 (a show i'm getting into)

and previously, My brother and I went to see Alpha and Omega in 3-D, It's a decent film